A new paradigm of reality? - Gonzalo Rodríguez Fraile

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A new paradigm of reality?

The vision that culture has historically offered about reality has failed to help humans to live fully or to achieve their potential.

A knowledge revolution has been taking place in recent years that, once it is understood, can completely transform human beings, offering new solutions to personal and collective problems because their root causes have been identified at last.
What we now know means that we can understand spiritual truths and their multiple dimensions without abandoning rationality. This new vision is strong enough to put an end to human suffering and boost inner peace, which is for what every being human yearns.

New science sees an intelligent design in the whole Universe. Quantum physics has revolutionized our knowledge of reality. All scientists are now aware of the quantum “enigmas” but not everyone agrees on how to interpret them. This book offers an interpretation that might explain them, and one that is based on the idea of “science within consciousness”. As you read the book, it will become evident that this interpretation most closely resembles the vision of reality that both the perennial wisdom of Humanity and the teachings of the great spiritual masters have offered us throughout history.

The first part of the book outlines briefly what some of the leading thinkers on science and philosophy have to say about reality and how this new vision of the world is converging with what the perennial wisdom of Humanity has been saying throughout our history.

The second part seeks to explain what can happen to us when we are exposed to this new knowledge and how all of us can change inside ourselves in the light of this information.

This book aims to unite, not divide, helping Humanity to raise its level of consciousness, allowing us to live a higher quality life in accordance with our spiritual dimension.

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